Lighthouses - stories from the sea.

Lighthouses - stories from the sea is an outdoor performance by the sea. The audience walks from act to act from buildings to the beach, from the beach to the lighthouse. For the evening performances a light meal is an integrated part of the performance and for the afternoon performances coffee and cake is served.

The performance unfolds stories of strandings and other events by the sea. With the historic events as a base, the performance focuses on contemporary stories of traveling across the sea, on welcoming strangers, on extensive hospitality and on predatory behavior on human misfortune.

 A performance about immigration and emigration, about people forced to leave their homes, of meeting the strangers and light in the dark.


 The performance is not recommended for wheel chair users or people with walking disability.


Lighthouses - stories from the sea is supported by


Central Denmark Region, Danish Art Foundation og European Cultural Foundation


Cooperation partners:  

Lyngvig fyr - Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality: 

  • Syrisk Forening i Ringkøbing 
  • Damtoften (boligområde i Ringkøbing-Skjern Boligforening) 
  • Westergaards hotel, Videbæk
  • Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum
  • Røde Kors i Ringkøbing
  • Teatret OMs Venner


Sletterhage fyr Helgenæs – Syddjurs municipality: 

  • Sletterhage Fyrs Venner,
  • Kulturhuset Helgenæs Præstegård 
  • Helgenæs Stadsteater
  • Strandgården v/ Ole V. Pedersen


Bovbjerg fyr – Lemvig municipality

  • Bovbjerg Fyr v/ Fyrmoster Lene Christiansen 


Vesborg fyr, Samsø municpality: 

  • Samsø Kommune, 
  • Verdenskoret på Samsø 
  • Brattingsborg Gods 
  • Visit Samsø







Participants: Tippe Molsted, Sandra Pasini, Jori Snell, Annemarie Waagepetersen and Haakon Berre


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