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Along small paths you arrive at a lake with a small island. The atmosphere at and around the island is summer light, but the light layer hides secrets. Sounds are heard from hidden places - do they come from the thicket or the bog or from your inner self?


Waves of Being is a cross-genre performance where theater, music, dance / parkour and visual arts are engaging with land art. Waves of Being takes place at and around the internationally acclaimed artist Alfio Bonanno's land art-work "Hidden Islands" at Bjørnemosen near by Bundsbæk Mølle.

The works of Alfio Bonanno provide the framework for a sensory journey where the audience is led through the marsh along narrow paths in a wild shrubbery, accompanied by stories, dance and music.

The scenes are based on human emotional waves based on themes such as birth, death, love, confusion, anxiety and lucidity. The characters of the performance are inspired by a mixture of natural beings from the Danish folklore and fairy tales / mythological figures.

Waves of Being starts in the octagonal house at the shelter area at Bjørnemosen - here the audience gets prepared for the journey. Then we enter into a mysterious and magical world where anything can happen.

Waves of Being involves actors, musicians and dancers / parkourists from Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Finland and England.

The performance is a collaboration between Teatret OM and Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, and is part of the regional cultural festival "Kulturfestival Bølgen".


Duration: 50 minutes.

Age: From 9 years.

Where: Bjørnemosen, Bundsbæk Mølle, Bundsbækvej 27, 6900 Skjern.

See map showing the parking lot, ticket sales and venue.

NOTE: There is approx. 15 minutes walk to Bjørnemosen from the parking area at Bundsbæk Mølle. The performance is not suitable for disabled. Footwear suitable for walking in the marsh area is recommended.

Amount: Maximum of 35 people per performance.

NB! Booking is required. Booking and prices see more here.

See the program here

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