Antonella Diana

In house scenographer and costume designer at Teatret OM
Head of Scenographic Lab
Visual artist and graphic designer
Co-founder of Teatret OM in 1989


Antonella Diana has designed and created spaces, objects, props and costumes for a wide range of theatrical events, covering touring performances for children and adults, site-specific events, parades, concerts, cabarets, cultural barterings.
As a scenographer, she has unique experiences and abilities to develop and design in close collaboration with actors and directors.
Her work is a constant exploration of materials, effects and interactivity.

Performances and installations presented in most of Europe and New Zealand, Jordan, Dubai, Taiwan, India, California, New Mexico, Brazil, Columbia.

Antonella has taught a wide range of workshops for children and adults.

Antonella is a trained scenographer at The Arts Academy of Rome, 1988. Further education at Odin Theatre and additional courses of graphic design and ikon painting.

Since 1993a member of the theatre network group ”Bridge of the Winds”, leaded by Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Odin Theatre.

Antonella is born and raised in Italy, living in Denmark since 1996.

Photo 1: Francesco Galli


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