In/Visible City

The In/Visible City project started in Belgrade in June 2011. Having been through Skopje and Brighton, it ended up in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality in June 2012.
The goal of the project was to highlight and celebrate the cultural diversity of the community.

The initiative came from Dah Teatar, who in collaboration with Teatret OM ( Denmark ), Prodigal Theatre (England ) Art Media (Macedonia) and Voix Polyphoniques (France) intended to contribute to the normalization of relations between ethnic communities all over Europe, and towards the development of a civil society rooted in tolerance.

Special for the project were the performances on buses and trains. The performances told the stories of cultural exchanges that have contributed to the development of the cities which the international ensemble visited.

Other events consisted of performances, cultural barters, workshops, and roundtable discussions in Belgrade, Skopje, Brighton, and Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality.

We were reminded that all cities have emerged in the meeting between different cultures. Each story, each country, and everyday life in all communities have been affected by diverse influences, creating a common history for all residents regardless of their ethnic origin.


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In/Visible City was supported by EU's Culture Programme.

In/Visible City in Denmark is developed in collaboration with Teatret OM, and had the following grant givers, local collaborators and sponsors:

Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg · Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune.

Arriva Danmark · Vestjyllands Højskole · Dansk Flygtningehjælps Netværk, Ringkøbing · Damtoften på Tværs · Ringkjøbing Landbobank · Ringkjøbing Handelsforening · Skjern Kulturcenter · RKSK Ungdomskole Parkour · Parkour Tarm · Flyfreerun Ringkøbing · Parkour Herning · Teater for Alle · Lynghedens/Ringkøbingegnens Opvisningshold · Bosnisk folkedansergruppe · Burmesisk gruppe · Ringkøbing Kirke · Skjern Garden · Mixturkoret.

Thanks to: Steen Espensen · Helle Henningsen · Jette Sørensen · Sonja Kristensen · Else Mathiassen · Karen Marie Storgaard Simonsen · Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune · All the helpfull volunteers.


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