Cat · Bird · Fish

We are finalizing a new performance for children 4 - 8 years.

The performance “Cat · Bird · Fish” is a wordless performance inspired by the German-Swiss painter Paul Klee's fantastic and imaginative universe. In a play with shadows, lines and geometric shapes, the elements come alive and find together in new ways before the eyes of the audience: dots, lines, animals and cities arise and disappear again.

The scenography is a cozy space inspired by Paul Klee's many paintings of houses.

Cat · Bird · Fish is full of newly composed music by Håkon Berre, composer and drummer.

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Direction:  Sandra Pasini
Annemarie Waagepetersen and Sara Ballestri
Antonella Diana
Scenographic assistent: Sara Ballestri
Costumes: Antonella Diana
Music: Håkon Berre
Props: Deborah Hunt
Workshop: Frederik Gravgaard, Antonella Diana, Sara Ballestri, Hans Jørgen Stampe
Sewing workshop: Antonella Diana, Sara Ballestri, Lisbeth Forbæk, Ruth S. Nielsen, Lene Pedersen, Karen Marie Simonsen

Duration: 30 minutes


 Photo: Jørn Deleuran



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