Town Musicians of Bremen

January 28, 11 am

Guest performance by Ikarus


A performance based on the beloved fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm.

A donkey, two dogs, a cat, a rooster and a rat are all tired of the way their masters treat them now that they are getting older. They have run away from home and now they meet each other on the road leading to Bremen. If they cannot become anything else, the donkey thinks, they can probably become musicians in Bremen. The journey is far from straightforward! They have to go through many obstacles and adventures to be able to achieve their dreams.

Will they succeed?

Each animal in the performance plays and is represented by an instrument

This band of musicians will take the audience on a musical journey from jazz and rumba to their own original pieces of music and traditional Danish songs.

Ikarus Stage Arts is an international theater group with roots in the Odin Theate


Artistic Director: Carolina Pizarro

Assistant Instructor: Gabriela Arancibia

Musical director: Gonzalo Hernández and Rodrigo Contreras

Actors: Jakob Nielsen, Gonzalo Hernández, Joao Silva, Simon Samuelsson, Matías Dreva and Pablo Lara


Age: 6 - 9 years







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