Annemarie Waagepetersen

Actress, musician and project coordinator at Teatret OM.
Member of Teatret OM since 2001.


Annemarie Waagepetersen is a trained classical musician and has additionally been an actress at Teatret OM for the passed 15 years.

Annemarie is also a committed project maker within the field of cultural barterings and theatre as a platform of social interaction. As a performer, she readily moves in the borderlands of theatre, music and installation, researching new forms of expression and audience relations.

Performances have toured most of Europe and New Zealand, Jordan, Dubai, India, California, New Mexico, Brazil, Columbia.

Since 1999a member of the theatre network group ”Bridge of the Winds”, leaded by Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Odin Theatre.

Annemarie is a trained flutist at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and at the Academy of Music in Fyn with a Musician-Performer Diploma Graduation in 1999. Along the way, she studied in Firenze, Paris and Strasbourg. As an actress, she learned with The Bridge of Winds and at Teatret OM.
















Photo 2: Jørn Deleuran - Photo 3: Tommy Bay


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